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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Directorate of Dairy Development

Guidelines for Dairy Cooperative Society Formation

Frame of Bye Laws

  • Total members of the DCS shall be minimum 20.
  • Board of Director: There shall be a Board for the management of every cooperative society registered under this Act. The Directors shall be elected in accordance with the provisions of the bye-laws. 
  • The Board shall consist of 15 number of Directors (BOD)
  • The Chief Executive shall be under the general superintendence, direction and control of the Board and exercise a few powers and perform certain functions
  • Subject to other laws regulating employer-employee relations all employees of a cooperative society shall be appointed, regulated and removed by and be accountable to authorities within the cooperative society in accordance with the service conditions approved by the Board

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

A general meeting to be termed as Annual General Assembly of a registered Cooperative Society shall be held at least once in every Cooperative year within a period of six months of close of the financial year to transact the business as provided in this Act. The Board shall automatically stand dissolved for not holding Annual General Meeting in accordance with the provisions of the Act and bye-laws within six months from the expiry of every financial year.

Inspection of society

Every registered society shall beliable to inspection at any time by the Registrar or any person authorized by him by general or special order and by any affiliating society if so provided inits bye-laws.An inspection of a registered society shall also be made by the Registrar or any person authorized by him in this behalf by an order in writing at any time on the application of a creditor of a registered society.

Refer to the link for further details Assam Cooperative Society Act