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Government Of Assam Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Directorate of Dairy Development

Schemes and Projects

State Owned Priority Development (SOPD) : Under State Government


Assam is having small-scale milk producers who have the potential to meet the required increased demand in milk and milk products in growing urban centers where there is a demand. Due to agro climatic condition production potential are there. The Artificial Insemination (AI) programme and animal health care services amongst the rural dairy farmers of the state taken up by the Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department. But improvements are required for integrating small holders and smallholder groups in the production chain and marketing chain.

The main objective is to attract small holders into the supply cycle is to provide increased returns for their produce to stimulate production and encourage uptake of improved technologies. This applies marketing of milk from farm level where hygienic quality and safe milk is encouraged to be produced and marked right up to consumer level. This will also encourage value addition and other effective and adaptable technologies by organised groups of producers who collectively can take up the activities. The main aims to improve the livelihood of dairy farmers through organizing them in to Dairy Cooperative Societies and providing them both forward and back ward linkages in order to make them more competitive and to give them remunerative price for their produce. It will also look at ways and means to improve the existing traditional milk markets.

Organization of Dairy Cooperative Societies

Assistance to Dairy Cooperative Societies.

  1. Administrative Approval
  2. Guidelines
  3. Targeted Dairy Cooperative Societies during 2017-18. 

Milk Village Scheme under SCSP & TSP

It is a 100% grants-in-aid scheme  for a Joint Liability Group (JLG) comprising of seven (7) Schedule Caste Dairy Farmers who are experienced in rearing cross bred milch cattle.  

Guideline for Milk Village Scheme (Click Here)

Schemes under Central Government 

National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD)

The National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development (NPBBD) has been initiated in February 2014 by merging four ongoing schemes of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries in the dairy sector, viz., National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB), Intensive Dairy Development Programme (IDDP), Strengthening Infrastructure for Quality & Clean Milk Production (SIQ & CMP) and Assistance to Cooperatives (A-C).

This has been done with a view to integrate milk production and dairying activities in a scientific and holistic manner, so as to attain higher levels of milk production and productivity, to meet the increasing demand for milk in the country. The Scheme has two components (a) National Programme for Bovine Breeding (NPBB) and (b) National Programme for Dairy Development (NPDD).

An allocation of Rs 1200.00 crore has been made available for implementation of the scheme during 12th Plan period. 

  • NPBB Details and Scheme ( Click Here)
  • Administrative Appoval 
  • Quarterly Progress Report formats of NPDD ( Click Here)

Flagship Programme

Rastriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY)

Target during 2017-18 

Bankable Scheme

  1. Dairy Entrepreneurs Development Scheme
  2. Cattle rearing
  3. Milk Production
  4. Milk processing
  5. Value Addition
  6. Milk and milk product Marketing